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130 Challenge

Alumni and staff take part in the 130 Challenge

Led by alumnus Oliver Sidwell, a group of 13 alumni and staff from the University are getting on their bikes over the next two weeks to raise funds for the COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund.

Oliver Sidwell

Ollie, who is the current President of the Alumni Association, alongside Professor Tony Edwards, Dean of Loughborough University London, originally planned to cycle 130 miles from the University’s London campus on the Queen Elizabeth Park to Loughborough. They have adapted the challenge so that it can still take place during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ollie commented: "It is disappointing that we can’t complete the challenge as we had originally planned but we have found a way around that is a good compromise, permissible within current Government exercise guidelines and, most importantly, gives us the opportunity to raise funds for an extremely worthwhile cause."

Professor Tony Edwards said: “When Ollie mentioned this venture, I was delighted. I’m sure our new challenge will still be great fun and raise money for an excellent cause. I have a feeling Strava might introduce a little competition into the mix."

The group of alumni and staff will each cycle 130 miles over a two-week period, starting on 16 May 2020. Some will head out on their bikes into their local areas, whilst others will complete the distance using a turbo trainer at home.

The cyclists are:


  • Professor Cees De Bont, Dean, School of Design and Creative Arts
  • Professor Tony Edwards, Dean, Loughborough University London
  • Sarah Fisher, Engagement Assistant, Alumni Relations
  • Professor Rachel Thomson, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching


  • Dr Thomas Corbett (BSc Architectural Engineering and Design Management 2014; MSc Low Carbon Building Design and Modelling 2015; PhD Civil and Building Engineering 2019)
  • Ashleigh Day (BSc Geography 2014)
  • Tim Hurst (BSc Ergonomics 2005)
  • James Lewis (BSc Sports Science and Physics 2006)
  • Nick Proctor (BSc Business Economics and Finance 2006)
  • Oliver Sidwell (BSc Geography and Management 2007)
  • Richard Sutcliffe (BSc Sport and Exercise Science 2005)
  • Rob Taylor, Women’s Cricket Head Coach & Cricket Performance Manager (BSc Sport Management 2012)
  • Duncan Walker, Senior Lecturer in Applied Aerodynamics (BEng Aeronautical Engineering 1994; PhD Aeronautical Engineering 2003)
  • Manuel Costa (BSc Management Sciences 2006)

Tracking their mileage using the popular running and cycling app, Strava, participants and donors will be able to follow the progress of the 130 Challenge via its integration with Just Giving.

The COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund was set up in March to raise money for those students who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Cyclists each have their own pages on Just Giving, linked to a central page for the challenge.

If you would like to find out more about the challenge, track the cyclists or donate, check out the Just Giving page.

More information is available online.

Manuel Costa (BSc Management Sciences 2006)