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Student Josh Powell

Student provides free creative services for small businesses and start-ups

Third year International Business student, Josh Powell, is using his time in lockdown to provide free creative services for small businesses and start-ups.

Josh set up his creative agency Design 97 in 2018, offering graphic design work – and  has recently expanded into copywriting services too.

After talking to a hotel manager who wanted some advice on branding, Josh set up the Help Hub Project. The project gives small businesses the opportunity to claim 10 hours of free design and copywriting work.

Josh said: “I know that a lot of businesses, especially small and local ones are taking a big hit right now so I thought I could help them with a bit of a rebrand or obtaining some professional branding whilst this is going on to help them out in some way.”

The companies Josh is helping have already given him some great feedback and he is enjoying putting the theory he learns on his degree into practice.