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PDR mid-year review meetings

As part of the Performance and Development Review (PDR) cycle, reviewers are encouraged to hold mid-year review meetings with their reviewees.

This provides an opportunity to consider whether any adjustments need to be made to the reviewee’s objectives, as a result of any changes that might have occurred, and to consider any new development needs.

This year, the completion date for PDRs was extended to 31st July 2020 (the usual date being 31st March) because of the impact of Covid-19. For this year only, reviewers and reviewees are asked to apply discretion in deciding at what point it would be appropriate for them to have a mid-year review meeting (before the end of the performance year in 2020).

Also for this year only, the mid-year reviews will not need to be formally uploaded on the PDR system. Instead local copies of the notes from the meeting should be maintained by the reviewer and reviewee and considered at the end of year review.