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Car park charging on the Loughborough campus

When the national lockdown was introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University stopped charging staff and students for car parking on campus.

With activity on campus beginning to increase again and some staff now starting to return to the University, charges for campus car parking will resume from 1st September 2020.

We know that some staff are continuing to work from home for a proportion of time and that their parking requirements may have altered as a result. Some changes have therefore been made to the system to recognise this shift in working patterns.

If you feel an occasional user permit would better suit your requirements now, you can switch from a full-time to an occasional user permit from 1st August via PermiT. The credit limit has been increased from 120 to 150 days to reflect the phased return to work and that some staff are still spending a proportion of time working from home. The current daily charging rates for occasional user permits are:

Grades 1-3     £0.30

Grades 4-6     £0.51

Grades 7         £0.72

Grades 8+       £1.07

If you currently have a full-time permit and want to continue with it, you do not need to do anything. Your permit will be rolled forwards and the monthly charge will be deducted from your September salary.

The charging structure for the car parking on campus remains the same as before the lockdown and will be reviewed as part of the work now being undertaken on the University car parking strategy.