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Health and safety updates for students

The University has provided some guidance on a number of health and safety related issues specifically aimed at students, although the below applies to staff members too.

If you have any concerns, please email  

Disposing of needles safely

We are aware that some students and staff members use needles for medical conditions, which their GP will have supplied with individual disposal boxes.

Recently, a small number of used needles that have not been properly disposed of have been found in communal areas across campus. To prevent any injury, we would like to remind you to ensure they are safely thrown in the waste using the containers provided.

If for anyone reason you have misplaced or lost a sharps container, notify your Hall Warden who will have a spare container which can be used until you find a replacement.

Personal safety at night

Please be aware of your personal safety as you walk around the campus and town, particularly at night.

Try to walk in a small group and stick to well-lit paths and areas, or alternatively use a registered taxi that can drop you directly outside your place of residence.

Cyclists are also encouraged to wear reflective clothing and use lights on both the front and back of their bikes so road users and pedestrians can clearly see you.

Information about the Coronavirus

The NHS and Government have issued guidance regarding the Coronavirus. Although the UK is well prepared to deal with this virus, the general public has been advised to follow official advice.

To prevent the spread of germs, carry tissues with you at all times to catch any coughs or sneezes, and bin used tissues as soon as possible and make sure to wash your hands afterwards. More information can be found by visiting

In addition, the University has a dedicated webpage for staff and students, with advice for those travelling to the UK from China or those who are due to travel to the Hubei province or mainland China. It also has a list of FAQs and contact details for relevant services should you need support.