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Loughborough staff ‘spin the record’ with daily playlists for those working from home

Loughborough academic, Professor Amanda Daley, has started creating playlists for staff to enjoy whilst working from home.

Amanda uploads a playlist at the start of every working day on her Twitter page and has named the project ‘Spin the record DJ’. Some playlists tell a story, some encourage people to be active and some are just to keep people company during the day.

At the weekend, Amanda chooses another member of staff to be a guest DJ and she is always looking for new hosts. If you are interested you can get in touch via Twitter.

On the project, Amanda said: “I am a big music fan and I have found myself listening to lots of music while working from home which I have really enjoyed.

“This then gave me the idea to tweet work from home music playlists for people to listen to and have some banter over with colleagues and friends. It has started lots of conversations about music which has been great to see and hear.  We can all be our on DJs at home.”