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Internal-only access for University Intranet

From the first week in January, the way in which you access the University Intranet is changing.

 To access the University Intranet (any web address starting with you will need to be either physically on campus or using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN if working remotely.   

If you are working remotely and are not using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN, you may get an error message when following web links or bookmarks that go to the intranet or URLs starting with this address. More details of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN are available here.

If you publish to the legacy Intranet or /info/ area using the University CMS (Content Management System) you will receive an email with further information about this change, and how you can assist with these changes. 

Please note there will be no changes to the ‘Current Students and Staff’ webpage or sites published under this URL as per the noticeboard message in September 2020, which can be found here.

The University Intranet software is over 20 years old, and IT Services need to act now to protect data whilst colleagues across the University migrate content to collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Cook in IT Services.