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Covid-19 vulnerability self-assessment tool

To assess the risk of returning to campus, it is important to consider both your working environment as well as your personal circumstances.

The University has introduced extensive arrangements to minimise the risks from Covid-19 to staff and students, and is taking steps to engage staff and students and promote best practice on campus.

Facilities have been modified along with the ventilation systems, we have reduced the capacity of teaching and study spaces to less than a third of normal and have designed sector leading social distancing arrangements. Face coverings will be required in all indoor public areas.

To develop an understanding of personal risk factors associated with health conditions, a self-assessment tool has been developed by the well-respected Occupational Physicians from ALAMA (the Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors). This is a dynamic tool that is used to help colleagues understand the impact of the various risk factors. It is not a definitive position; it is a starting point.

If colleagues are concerned about their result, they can ask their manager to refer them for a discussion with our Occupational Health specialists, so that all relevant factors can be explored. In order to make the tool more user-friendly it has been adapted to work in the form of an online questionnaire.

Please note that no personal information is stored after the questionnaire has been completed.

The question set for the self-assessment tool is dynamic and is updated in line with new understanding about the effects of Covid-19.

It is a combination of both working environment and personal aspects that provide the best indication to enable you to return safely.