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Software company provides free system to enable the work of local COVID-19 support groups

The Access Group is helping the vital work of local community groups that are part of a global COVID-19 support movement by providing its customer relationship management (CRM) system at no cost.

Based at the Science and Enterprise Park on campus, The Access Group has stepped up to provide their system, Access NFP CRM, to help the Loughborough and Oxford branches of #AgainstCorona to track the details of volunteers, requests for help and available resources.

Before using the system, the groups were manually creating spreadsheets to keep track which was time-consuming and meant volunteers could not guarantee they were working from the most up to date information.

Access' simple cloud-based CRM system enables the volunteers to store, match and allocate requests for help against their volunteers and available resources quickly and easily. The CRM also allows both groups to track and manage vital operational tasks, such as safeguarding protocols.

Craig Brown, co-head of the Loughborough Against Corona movement, commented: “The Access Group has innovated our entire operations process and, thanks to their generosity and support, we now have a safe and efficient way to ensure that we can grow to meet the increasing demand and utilise the overwhelming willingness to help that has been displayed by all facets of the Loughborough community.”

Simon Baines, Managing Director, Not for Profit and Education at The Access Group, added: “We first started working with Loughborough Against Corona as the group is based on the same campus as our HQ, and we wanted to provide support to our local community. We’re thrilled that this support is now expanding to include other branches of the movement.

“These groups are a perfect example of volunteers working together to provide frontline support and help to those in need during the challenges presented by COVID-19.  We’re really pleased to support their valuable work with the free use of our Access NFP CRM, meaning that both groups can now harness modern, cutting-edge technology to streamline and simplify their crucial operations.”