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LU Arts launch virtual magazine for the Loughborough Family

LU Arts has launched an online magazine to create a sense of community for all those connected to the University through the creativity of Loughborough’s students.

The Limit showcases students’ creative talents with entertaining and diverse articles in which students use their voice as well as creative writing, illustrations and video tutorials. 

The name of the magazine was inspired by the University’s first-ever student magazine, which originated at the time of the First World War. During this time, College workshops were being used to train mostly women for the munition’s factories, and the magazine was named after the Limit gauges that were made for shells.

As we are finding ourselves in a time where constant references are made to the resilience and community spirit shown in WW2, it seemed a fitting name.

The team aims to deliver new content to the online magazine each week, providing entertainment for readers and distracting them from the other stresses in life for a short period. There is also an opportunity to learn new skills with the video tutorial content.

The launch edition features articles about Loughborough’s musical landscape, productivity and mental health as well as fellow students’ book recommendations during lockdown and a tutorial on ‘tutting’.

The online magazine can be viewed here.

Director of LU Arts Nick Slater said: “I have been really impressed with the ideas and responses from students for this first issue and would like to thank all those students who have submitted content. 

“If you have something to say or would like to present your creative output for our magazine, please do get in touch. You can email me at”