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A message from the University Chaplain

At this time a special appeal has been sent to religious leaders of all faiths from the United Nations Secretary-General asking us to join together in working for peace around the world and to focus on how we can help bring an end to COVID-19.

Headshot of University Chaplain, Jan Sutton

We are in the middle of a special time on the spiritual calendar: Christians have just celebrated Easter, Jews have celebrated Passover, and other world faiths have celebrated their own festivals.

This week our Muslim brothers and sisters will begin the holy month of Ramadan, a time when the Chaplaincy team join with our community to fast and join in the breaking of the fast (Iftar). Usually, families and friends gather to pray together and eat together, but this year we face the challenge of doing this in a different way.

Loughborough University is blessed with a wonderfully diverse community, with staff and students from all world faiths. Together we can celebrate by expressing our gratitude by clapping for those on the frontline, including those in our own University community.

We are seeing the best of humanity right now. We can be kind when we can. But most of all this year, we can stay at home and celebrate life just where we are.

I would love to hear your stories of how you are celebrating special events this year.

If you would like a chat with me or to share a virtual cuppa, please give me a call on 07961846905 or send an email to

Stay home, stay safe, be kind.

Every blessing.

Jan Sutton, University Chaplain