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7 Nov 2019

Coming soon: Multi-factor authentication

IT Services will be launching multi-factor authentication (MFA) in December for all staff members and postgraduate researchers at the University.

MFA is an additional layer of security which will be used for those who work off-campus and access the VPN or web services.

You may have already come across multi-factor authentication when doing your online banking. For example, you would login to a banking app with a username and password and then use a device such as your smartphone to receive a notification or generate a code, which is the final piece of information needed to verify your identity.

By having this additional layer of authentication, the University can protect user logins from remote hacks or phishing attacks that could exploit compromised or stolen user credentials.

A dedicated website about the initiative has been created which is available to view here, which has FAQS and more information about Duo Security – the University’s chosen multi-factor authentication solution.

In preparation of this, IT Services will be organising a series of events throughout November to help staff to install the app on their devices and answer any queries ready for when the service goes live in December.

Staff members within Schools and Professional Services will be activated to use MFA sometime between 2-13 December as part of a phased process by IT Services.

If you would like to enrol your device now in preparation for the change, all you need to do is:

  1. Download the Duo Mobile app from your app store
  2. Visit from your mobile device
  3. Log in and follow the on-screen instructions to register your device
  4. Enable push notifications so you can approve requests for authentication

For more information, please email