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8 May 2019

Win a £1,000 scholarship for leading a sustainable lifestyle

Are you a student that leads a sustainable lifestyle?

If so, you could be awarded a £1,000 Sustainability Scholarship by Greenmatch, who want to empower young individuals in living a sustainable life.

Greenmatch provides renewable energy solutions for homeowners in the UK, and as a firm believer in green living, always encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle.

To match this ethos, they would like to provide a scholarship to a student who has incorporated greener alternatives into their daily life.

Those who are interested in applying must write an essay describing the actions they have taken to transform their lifestyle, as well as any additional evidence to support their essay and add value to their overall application.

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2019 and should be sent to

For more information, visit the Greenmatch website.