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24 May 2019

Students – don’t forget about useful IT services available

With exam season approaching and coursework deadlines looming, IT Services want to help you prepare by making their services easy for you to use.

There are three services in particular which you may find handy or may not know already exist, check out the below for more information.

Access University resources off campus

Did you know that you can access University resources off campus securely?

Using the University VPN Service (Virtual Private Network), you can connect from your personal device, creating a secure link as if you were on the University network.

You might need to use the VPN Service for several reasons, including accessing online journals, searching the library catalogue, and connecting to applications that are restricted to University IP addresses.

Find out how to connect your device by visiting the dedicated webpage here.

Printing from your own device

Printing on campus couldn’t be simpler.

There are a number of multi-function devices (MFDs) located across the University campus which can print, photocopy and scan.

To use the service, follow the instructions below:

  1. Set up your device to print to the University network of printers (your laptop/PC must be connected to Eduroam)
  2. Add print credits to your Student ID account
  3. Print and collect from any of the printers by swiping your ID card (or entering your username and password) and then choose which document you wish to print

More information about the printing service and how to connect your device can be found online.

PC availability across campus

There are over 1,900 PCs across campus, but during busy times of the academic year it can be difficult to find one that is available.

To save you time walking across campus to find a free one, visit the PC availability webpage to check availability in the Library and computer labs.

For more information on all of the IT Services available to students, visit the website.