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17 May 2019

2-for-1 ticket offer available for Ross Edgley's tour in Loughborough

Staff and students from the University can benefit from a special 2-for-1 ticket offer when Ross Edgley takes his tour to Loughborough tomorrow evening. 

Ross Edgley made history in 2018 by doing what no man has ever done before, completing a 2,000 mile, 157-day swim around mainland Great Britain.

On Tuesday 21 May, he will be back in Loughborough with The World’s Fittest Live Show, combining the teachings of The World’s Fittest Book with the lessons learnt from 23 weeks at sea, including commentary and confessions from the Great British Swim.

A graduate of Sports Science at the University, Ross spent 10 years prior to The Great British Swim on a global fitness pilgrimage, turning to Ecuadorean rodeo stars, Oxford rowers, Bulgarian weight lifters, Siberian reindeer herders, Soviet wrestling champions, British Royal Marines and Japanese warrior chiefs to learn the laws of fitness. 

From this, he wrote The World’s Fittest Book (now a No.1 Sunday Times Best Selling Book) which challenges traditional views of physical fitness, and changed our perception of mental fortitude with his historic swim around Great Britain.

To purchase tickets using this offer, click on this link. Please note if you are wanting two tickets, you need to enter '1' in the quantity field for the offer to work.