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13 Jun 2019

International conference at Loughborough University to explore children’s rights

Loughborough University is hosting an international conference that explores children’s rights in youth justice systems.

The conference will take place on 25 June at the university’s Brockington Building.

It will feature seven speakers including Stephen Case, a Professor of Criminology in the university’s School of Social Sciences, who will discuss how a child should be treated in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and treated appropriately based on their relative maturity, social status, and cognitive and emotional development.

Professor Case said: “This exciting conference brings together a range of international experts to explore a challenging and timely issue. It should be of great interest to anyone with a professional or personal interest in how children's rights are addressed in youth justice systems.”

The conference, organised by the university’s Institute of Advanced Studies and the Social and Policy Studies Unit, will offer a series of presentations on the international content of children’s rights in youth justice systems.

In addition to this, a day of activities has been planned for 26 June to discuss research, scholarship and enterprise opportunities stemming from the conference. All guests are invited to attend both days.

Speakers at the conference are: Professor Stephen Case, of Loughborough University; Professor Kay Tisdall, of the University of Edinburgh; Dr Anthony Charles, of Swansea University; Dr Nicola Carr; of the University of Nottingham and Professor Ursula Kilkelly, of the University of College Cork.

Presentations will be given by Pippa Goodfellow, chair of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice; Professor Kevin Haines of the University of Trinidad and Tobago; Dr Claire Lightowler, Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice; and Dr Fern Gillon of the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.

For more information or to book a place on the conference visit the Eventbrite website