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Animated graphic used to promote LSU campaign, 'Suitably Dressed'

8 Aug 2019

University supports sustainable clothing initiative to help students prepare for interviews

The University is supporting the launch of a new initiative by Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) to help students save money and help them feel their best in upcoming interviews.

Suitably Dressed is a project led by LSU’s Enterprise Section that aims to support students who cannot afford to buy a new outfit for a formal event, such as an interview or awards ceremony.

The scheme will work using ten donation bins located across the University campus, where staff members and fellow students can drop off unwanted clothes suitable for a professional interview or event. This includes clothing items such as blazers, skirts, trousers, dresses, jumpsuits, ties, belts, shoes and shirts, which should all be in good condition.

Donations in a wide variety of sizes and styles are encouraged in order to accommodate as many students as possible.

Enterprise Section Chair Ash Ponder said: “This is a really exciting scheme that will help students from all backgrounds to feel prepared when they are on the hunt for placements and jobs. It also will help people to get involved at other formal events during University, such as award ceremonies.”

Not only will the initiative help students save pennies and help them to feel more confident, but it is also a sustainable alternative amidst a time where society is considering the detrimental impacts of fast fashion.

Students will be able to borrow the items of clothing and receive a discount to get it dry cleaned afterwards at the Loughborough branch of Johnsons the Cleaners before returning the items.

If you have items to donate, please drop them off at any of the Suitably Dressed bins at the following locations between 8 August – 2 September:

  • LSU
  • Hazlerigg Building
  • Design School
  • Herbert Manzoni
  • Burleigh Court
  • Library
  • Advanced Technology Innovation Centre (ATIC)
  • SportPark
  • Wolfson shop
  • Student Services (Bridgeman Building)

More details for students who are interested in using the scheme will be available once the clothes have been collected from the donation bins.

For more information about the project, or for any queries regarding large donations or contributions outside of this timeframe, please email Emma Bishop, Student Enterprise Engagement Manager, at