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William Morris Hall common room

12 Aug 2019

Loughborough halls are some of the most social in the UK

StudentCrowd has placed six Loughborough halls of residence in the Top 50 for best social experience.

The list was collated using reviews from over 21,195 students and features Telford, Falkner Eggington, Harry French, Towers, Hazlerigg-Rutland and William Morris.

Telford took 6th place thanks to its two large common rooms and social events that are organised throughout the year. One student review described it as: “the ideal hall for freshers wanting to make friends and socialise.”

In 12th, Falkner Eggington received five stars for social space and social experience. Harry French shortly followed in 15th with its “brilliant common room, allowing for an awesome social experience.”

The welcoming atmosphere of Towers saw it rank at 18th with one student describing it as a fantastic hall for anyone shy or introverted as it “helps you out of your shell.” Whereas, Hazlerigg-Rutland was described as a “small but mighty” hall that creates a close-knit community.

Finally, William Morris made it onto the list for its social atmosphere, helped by its common area, fit with TV, pool table and table tennis.

More information on the halls available at Loughborough University can be found here.