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14 Aug 2019

Important: usage of LUSI on Thursday 15 August

On Thursday 15 August, A Level and BTEC examination results are published and the University will be dealing with a large volume of enquiries from applicants and students interested in joining Loughborough through Clearing or Adjustment.

As a result, the University’s telephone and the student information systems (especially LUSI and Kx) will be extremely busy on this day.

In light of this and the importance of Clearing activity to reach our undergraduate student recruitment targets, those staff NOT directly involved with Undergraduate or Postgraduate Admissions and Student Accommodation activity are asked to:

  • Consider if there is other work you could do that day that does not require access to LUSI or Kx systems, especially in the morning when the University’s call centres are expected to be particularly busy.
  • If you do need to use LUSI, please minimise the number of concurrent sessions you have open at a time and ensure you close sessions down when you are not using them for a while, such as over lunchtime.
  • If you experience slow system performance, please report it immediately to so that the cause can be investigated and resolved before it affects colleagues in the call centres.
  • Remember to save changes frequently. Sessions may have to be closed remotely if they are found to be causing a problem, leading to loss of work if changes have not been saved.

Please contact the IT Services helpdesk if you have any questions.