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4 Apr 2019

Students: Information about upcoming local elections

Charnwood Borough Council is one of the largest district councils in England, with 52 councillors representing around 180,000 residents.

The Borough Council is responsible for a number of things, including but not limited to: licensing, bin collections, over 250,000 acres of parks and open spaces, homelessness, managing 5,500 council homes, leisure centres and events such as the Loughborough Fair.

Every four years, the Borough Council holds a whole council election, and this year the polling day will take place on Thursday 2 May (between 7am-10pm).

To vote in the local elections, you must be on the electoral register in Charnwood.

If you have registered directly with the Council or via the University registration process (via your student record in Student Self-Service), you will have received written confirmation from the Council and by early April, you should have received your polling card.

Alternatively, to check if you are registered you can call the Electoral Services Office on 01509 634546.

You must also be a British citizen, EU citizen or Commonwealth citizen to vote.

For local elections, students can vote at their home address and student address unless both addresses are within Charnwood.

Your last chance to register to vote in the 2019 elections is 12 April. If you are not registered to vote, you can register online here.

Further information about the elections - including a list of the candidates - can be found on the Charnwood Borough Council website.