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3 Apr 2019

Reminder of the University’s smoking policy following consultation

The Health and Safety Team recently led a consultation with staff members about the University’s smoking policy.

Although the majority of respondents agreed that the policy was generally fit for purpose, some respondents felt stronger enforcement and higher visibility was needed, as well as more frequent communication to staff and students. A full report of the consultation can be found on the Health and Safety webpages.

The current policy is that smoking is banned in all University buildings and within three metres of an entrance, window or air inlets to buildings.

There are also a significant number of areas across the campus which have been designated as no smoking zones, including:

  • Outside the Library
  • James France walk (including the area around the Chemistry Building)
  • Holywell Park
  • Shirley Pearce Square, and the area adjoining Sir David Wallace and Sir John Beckwith
  • Sport pitches and recreational areas

Smoking shelters have been placed near to these no smoking zones for those who wish to smoke.

E-cigarettes are treated in the same way as normal cigarettes and should also follow the smoking policy.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for the enforcement of this policy where appropriate. However, everyone has the opportunity to enforce the no smoking arrangements.

If you see someone smoking in a no smoking area, please politely tell them. If they do not respond positively, then report to a member of the management team based within that area.

For those who would like to quit smoking, the below resources can provide help:

If you would like to know more information about the policy, please contact the Health and Safety Team at