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30 Apr 2019

Improvements to data storage - coming soon

IT Services will be carrying work out over the summer to improve data storage access for students.

What is happening?

Files and folders stored locally in Individual Workspace (UDrive) which currently offers only 1GB of storage - also known as My Documents in computer labs - will be removed and data currently held in these folders migrated to individual student OneDrive accounts offering 1TB of storage.

As part of the upgrade, the OneDrive desktop application will be added to campus PCs, offering multiple ways to access your files from OneDrive.


To minimise disruption to the current storage service, IT Services will be carrying out the upgrade during the summer break when students have left the university.

Action required?

Nothing at all! Undergraduate students returning after the summer break will simply need to log into their Loughborough University OneDrive account to access files and folders to enjoy the benefits of the upgrade.

Benefits include:

  • 1TB online storage, accessible anywhere and on any device
  • Access to all your data in a single, easily accessible location.
  • Seamlessly work on documents across all devices.
  • Direct access to the OneDrive desktop app in computer labs
  • VPN no longer required for accessing your data when off campus
  • Collaborative Office document editing
  • Document sharing and plenty more!

For more information, including FAQs please visit: