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10 Apr 2019

Copyright for photos, video and imagery

Photographs, video, illustrations and other types of imagery are generally protected by copyright. To use them – whether in print, digitally or online – you will need to gain the permission of the copyright owner.

Photographs and images on the internet have the same copyright protection as physical copies. Copying, reusing or distributing them will infringe copyright unless the copyright owner has given you their express permission.

You will generally be able to use photographs, images and footage created by the University, but it’s always worth checking with Creative and Print Services first. If you’d like to commission something new, you should contact Creative and Print whose services include photography, video and design.

There are also a number of free online resources through which you can download images and photographs. These sites will have terms and conditions on the usage of their images, however, so make sure you read these carefully before using them.

If you copy, reuse or distribute photos, video and imagery without the copyright owner's permission, they can bring legal proceedings for copyright infringement. 

Further information on all aspects of copyright is available on the University’s Copyright Guidance webpages.

Information is also available on the Government’s Intellectual Property Office website.