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Staff survey 2018

2 Oct 2018

Reminder: Complete the interim staff survey

The interim Staff Survey 2018 is live and staff are encouraged to take part before the deadline on Friday 5 October

Every four years the University undertakes a comprehensive staff survey. It aims to find out how staff feel about working at Loughborough and includes questions about job roles and workplace experience through to university communications and training and development.

The survey provides a wealth of information about what it is like to work here. It helps the University to understand its strengths as an employer, make improvements where change is needed, and allow benchmarking against other universities. As a result of feedback received from the Staff Survey, a number of initiatives have been implemented, including the PDR process.

The Human Resources Committee (HRC) recently discussed what the University might do in the intervening periods between surveys, and it was agreed that a very short version of the survey should be sent out to all staff four times throughout the year. This will enable the University to monitor and track staff perceptions and engagement, and start to identify any patterns and trends.

The first interim survey, which contains just five questions, is available here. It will run until Friday 5 October.

All responses will be anonymous and all views are encouraged. The results will be shared later in the year.