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8 Oct 2018

Personal Best app launched

Last week the University launched Personal Best – a bespoke development programme designed specifically for Loughborough’s students.

The new initiative offers the opportunity for students to reflect on their skills and abilities, set goals for themselves and work towards these through a range of activities and resources. The programme covers academic, professional and personal development featuring 15 core elements – from study and workplace skills to mental and physical wellbeing.

It has been spearheaded by Professor Rachel Thomson, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, in conjunction with Director of Sport Advancement Peter Keen, Helen Smith and B Lewis in the Careers Network, staff in the other Professional Services and academic Schools, and members of the Students’ Union Executive. Crucially it has also been developed in consultation with graduate employers.

“In today’s increasingly competitive employment market, we need to ensure that our students have the chance to develop the rounded skills that employers require and that they are able to stand out from the crowd,” says Professor Thomson.

“Personal Best will provide our students with the opportunity to do just that. It allows them to reflect on the competencies and attributes they currently have and to identify areas they would like to develop alongside their degree.

“The programme is driven by the students themselves, supported by their tutors. The students set their own goals and identify the activities that will help them work towards achieving them. They are also able to record what they have done to build up a portfolio of activities and achievements, which will not only be invaluable as they venture into employment but will also be the foundation for their continuing professional development throughout their career.”

Personal Best is a web-based programme, accessible via the myLboro app and at

graphic illustrating the 15 skills of the Personal Best scheme within a wheel