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The eco-friendly lunchbox being filled up with salad

1 Oct 2018

Campus Services and Loughborough Students’ Union launch sustainable lunchbox

photo of a single-use disposable box Non-recyclable box.

The University’s Sustainability team and Loughborough Students’ Union have launched an eco-friendly lunchbox in a bid to tackle campus waste. 

In the last academic year, the University used over 150,000 single-use takeaway meal boxes in student dining halls around campus – which equates to around 60 containers per student in catered halls.

These boxes are not only non-recyclable but can contaminate the University’s waste streams too.

To combat the issue, an alternative option is being promoted on campus this academic year in a bid to significantly reduce the number of single-use packaging.

Students in catered halls are encouraged to purchase ‘the EFB’ (Eco Friendly Box) - a new reusable lunchbox which is available to buy from the dining halls.

The lunchbox will be initially sold to catered students in dining halls at a reduced rate of £2.50 (RRP £4) and will also be supplied with additional cutlery. The lunchboxes are enclosed, microwavable, and dishwasher and freezer-safe.

Students who wish to take-away food from catered halls will now have to use the EFBs if they wish to take food away. This is to see how the process works, however, there may the flexibility to use other lunchboxes in the future.

This new initiative is not only environmentally-friendly, but will also save the University a significant amount of money in comparison to buying single-use take-away boxes. All money saved as part of the campaign will be reinvested into improving food provision on campus.

Nik Hunt, the University’s Environmental Manager, commented: “The EFB, as it has been named by the Students’ Union, offers a great solution for food on the go as part of our ongoing Let’s ditch the disposables campaign. 

“Its introduction is in response to requests from last year’s students in halls for a more sustainable solution and we are excited about the EFB’s introduction.”

Naomi Howlett, Loughborough Students’ Union Ethics and Environmental Development Officer, added: “We are so excited to be launching the EFB. As a Union, we are committed to listening to our students and creating a more sustainable campus for future generations to come here and enjoy.”

The lunchboxes are now available to purchase at all catered halls’ dining rooms at the University. For more information, please contact Nik Hunt by emailing