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photo of a spider on a cobweb

26 Oct 2018

Academic to present insightful lecture on the use of spider silk in Toronto

An academic from the School of Arts, English and Drama will be presenting a lecture on spiders later today (26 October) in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Eleanor Morgan, Lecturer in Fine Art, will be discussing Spiders, Humans and their Threads: A History of Human Uses of Spider Silk at the Royal Ontario Museum.

She will discuss how humans have used spider silk to make objects including gun sights, sticky tunics and even royal underwear.

Dr Morgan recently published a piece in The Conversation, titled Spiders scare me, but I also find them fascinating – and they help with my art, which describes how captivating the creatures are and why we should try to embrace them instead of fearing them.

Speaking about the upcoming talk, Dr Morgan said: “My interest in spiders began in Canada 15 years ago, so I’m excited to return this Halloween and talk about some of the amazing ways that humans have benefited from spider silk.”

For more information, visit the dedicated event website.