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photo of staff and students at previous Grime Scene Investigation

5 Nov 2018

Sustainability Team to highlight recycling dos and don'ts by conducting a Grime Scene Investigation on campus

The Sustainability Team will be conducting a Grime Scene Investigation later this week as part of the Green League – an interhall competition based on recycling, energy reduction and proactivity.

Taking place on Friday 9 November from 9am-3:30pm outside the Edward Herbert Building, the team will be auditing general waste and recycling from each of the student halls.

By sorting through the contents, the team aims to gain a better understanding of the levels of contamination and what is causing the contamination in the waste (for example, crisp packets are often put in recycling when actually they cannot be recycled).

The ‘investigation’ will be conducted with the help of Action volunteers, FREEC Reps, the University’s waste contractor Wastecycle, Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council.

The Sustainability team will also be speaking to staff and students throughout the day to raise awareness about the importance of recycling correctly and will  explain what happens to recycling, food and general waste once it leaves campus.

Plus, they’ll be some exciting games to play and prizes to win on the day too!

Nik Hunt, Environmental Manager at the University, said: “This is a qualitative investigation, in that we will be investigating the levels and make up of contamination in the waste and recycling, so we can understand how we can improve in the future.

“It’s vital that staff and students are aware of the things we can and can’t recycle, so that we can all do our bit to help the environment and to avoid contaminating other waste which has been correctly recycled.”

More on the Green League can be found here.