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photo of Loughborough Enactus students at the national Enactus competition

10 May 2018

Student entrepreneurs pitch creative, socially-responsible ideas in national competition

Over 60 students from Loughborough University participated in the Enactus UK National Competition last month and showcased two innovative projects.

A total of 53 university teams took part in the competition which saw business leaders evaluate student ideas that aim to transform lives and enable progress.

Enactus is a not-for-profit organisation that has created a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to creating a better, more sustainable world through entrepreneurial action. 

This year’s competition saw Loughborough students pitch two projects they identified as potential solutions for the modern world: Prep Mate – a kitchen aid designed to help arm amputees prepare food – and LoConnect, a skills exchanging programme that connects young and aged communities together.

The University team reached the semi-finals as a result of their ideas and placed in the top 16.

Diba Tavakolizadeh, Vice President of Enactus Loughborough, the University’s dedicated club, said: “The experience of Enactus this year and the National competition was totally life changing for me.

“I am currently studying Information Management and Business at Loughborough, but Enactus is not just about business students.

“All backgrounds and academic areas are more than welcome to join Enactus Loughborough, as our projects demand different people with different knowledge and characteristics.

“For example, we might need a business student for the marketing side of our project, but just as importantly we will need a design student to actually design the product.”

For more information on Enactus Loughborough and becoming a contributor, visit the website.