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26 Mar 2018

The Academic Language Support Service (ALSS) has now launched

The new Academic Language Support Service (ALSS) has now launched.

The ALSS provides a range of support for all students to facilitate the development of their English, as well as academic language skills that they may need to succeed in their degree programmes.

Previously known as the English Language Support Service, the new name has been adopted in response to student feedback; native or near-native speakers of English may not perceive “English language support” to be relevant to their needs, but many feel that they could benefit from our support with their academic writing or other aspects of academic language.

The team recently held a launch event to celebrate its new identity and to showcase some of the materials used in their support sessions.

Henrietta Pocock, Academic Language Support Service Manager, said:

"We hope that our new name will reflect the fact that we are here to help all students reach their full potential."

Further information can be found on the ALSS website.