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photo of a woman at work experiencing back pain

12 Mar 2018

EAP Focus: the importance of good posture at work

Being sedentary can pose risks to a healthy lifestyle, and we should be exercising regularly to avoid the negative impact as a result of sitting at a computer all day, according to the NHS.

Posture can also impact our health - for example, poor sitting and standing habits can often be to blame for muscle tension.

This includes slouching in your seat, leaning on one leg when you stand and having rounded shoulders. Over time, habits like these can cause ongoing pain due to the strain placed on the muscle and surrounding tissue.

By maintaining a good posture, you can prevent injuries such as lower back pain and neck pain which are often as a result of poor posture.

Here are some tips to improve your posture:

  • Aim for a strong, confident position: keep your chin tucked in, your shoulders down and back, with your chest lifted. Imagine your head is being pulled up by a string to avoid hunching forwards
  • Be seated comfortably: keep your feet flat on the ground, avoid slouching and keep your lower back supported by moving your hips to the back of your chair.

It can take some getting used to, but practicing your posture can help with the aches and pains you may experience currently.

For more advice on posture, you can visit the NHS pages and read our #LboroExperts article about the four key exercises to reduce back pain for an office worker. 

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an initiative that is part of the University’s commitment to provide support for staff wellbeing as a response to issues highlighted in the 2016 staff survey. The service complements the University’s existing staff counselling and occupational health services.

The EAP service is available 24 hours a day, and can be accessed online (use organisation code lborowell) or by ringing 0800 111 6387.