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27 Mar 2018

Additional EAP counselling provision now available to staff

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) currently offers 24/7 confidential support to staff members on a range of issues, from workplace stress to financial worries.

For a six month trial period, the EAP will extend its service from 1st April, providing face to face counselling for staff members who feel they may benefit from additional support.

If you need any help, the service is available by calling 0800 111 6387 (management specific support can be accessed on 0800 111 6385), or by visiting the website using the organisation code ‘lborowell’.

When ringing the EAP service, an assessment will be conducted to see if you may benefit from further counselling. The pilot allows for up to six sessions of either telephone or face to face counselling per person per year.

Sometimes face to face counselling isn’t the right answer. With this in mind, the pilot also offers assessments to access clinically based computer validated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

If you have already been assessed by the in-house University Counselling Service (UCS) and are waiting for further counselling, you can choose to continue to receive your support from the service or be assessed by the EAP. If you decide you no longer wish to use the University Counselling Service, please let the service know.

As a reminder, the EAP service provides:

  • A 24 hour helpline that can give help and support on a whole range of issues e.g. financial, legal, emotional, relationships etc.  
  • A management support line which can give support to managers.
  • Access to the associated websites with a whole range of guides and helpful videos
  • A 1:1 telephone careers counselling session once per year.