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Pictured are plastic bottles.

2 Jul 2018

Sustainability team to attempt plastic-free month – and they challenge you to give it a go!

The University’s Sustainability team is aiming to cut the plastic this month – and staff and students are invited to give it a go too!

According to the Marine Conservation Society, more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year and half of it comes from disposable plastics that are only used once before being thrown away.

In a bid to tackle this, the Society is asking people to cut the plastic for the entirety of July.

The challenge isn’t all about living completely plastic-free – in this day and age that would be pretty near impossible – it just asks people to have a go at reducing their plastic footprint.

When asked why the team is taking on the challenge, Sustainability Manager Jo Shields said: “We are doing this to find out how hard it is and to come up with some achievable and realistic solutions and ideas that we can share with the Loughborough community.

“If we want to promote positive change this is a great way to lead by example."

One easy way staff and students can cut plastic from University life is by ditching single-use coffee cups and enjoying their morning brew in one that can be reused.

The Loughborough Cup is back in stock and available at all Campus Services’ retail outlets.

The Sustainability team want to highlight that not all single-use plastics are terrible – recyclable plastics that are recycled properly can be better environmentally than packaging that can’t be recycled at all. 

More information on what staff and students can do at the University to tackle plastic waste and recycle it properly can be found here.

For further information on Sustainability at Loughborough, visit the dedicated webpages.