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3 Jul 2018

Student inspired to design traffic detection device for horse riders following accident

A Loughborough University student hopes the traffic detection device they have designed for horse riders will help reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Zoe Bryant’s ‘Lume’ retrofits to existing English saddles and uses radar technology to detect approaching vehicles from up to 60m away.

The product she has designed alerts riders and road users of each other’s presence using an illuminative rear panel and a rubberised wristband.

Upon detection of a vehicle, Lume’s rear panel flashes red to alert the road user of the horse rider ahead and the wristband on the rider vibrates; making them aware a vehicle is approaching and giving them time to move to one side.

 Zoe Bryant’s ‘Lume’.

Zoe Bryant’s ‘Lume’.

The inspiration for the project came after the Product Design and Technology student was involved in an accident whilst out riding.

Zoe said: “About 10 years ago I had quite a bad accident on the road; a car came up from behind and spooked the horse I was riding, causing it to fall over and crush my knee underneath.

“I decided that I’d quite like to prevent this kind of accident from happening again.

“Currently there are no traffic detection devices for horse riders on the market and there’s quite limited road safety gear anyway apart from hi-vis.

“The idea was to create something that looks a bit more high class, a bit more expensive, which people will like to have on their saddle that will also increase their safety by a considerable amount.”

Zoe will be showcasing Lume at New Designers in London from 4-7 July, alongside 13 fellow students from Loughborough Design School

Other student designs that are to be exhibited include a unique game controller designed for rehabilitation as well as entertainment purposes and a fun, friendly ride-on IV stand that looks to reduce children’s anxiety in hospital. More information can be found on the University's dedicated New Designers webpage.