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photo of Dr Simone Michele

19 Jan 2018

Loughborough hosts first Royal Society Fellow

Dr Simone Michele has been awarded a Royal Society CNR International Fellowship to conduct research within Loughborough’s Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Michele, who is originally from Italy, will be the first Royal Society International Fellow hosted by the University.

Whilst at Loughborough he will be conducting research on ‘Nonlinear multi-parameter shape optimisation of Wave Energy Converters’, under the supervision of Dr Emiliano Renzi.

His project will look at the development of linear and non-linear theories to enhance the performance of Wave Energy Converters through a combination of mathematics and computer science.

The results of the research could potentially mark a new milestone towards the effort to produce clean energy from sea waves.

By securing a Royal Society Fellowship, Dr Michele will gain training experience and the opportunity to build strong relationships with UK research institutions and networks.

Dr Simone Michele will start his two year fellowship at the University in February.