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Pictured is Julian Roberts at the University talking about subtraction cutting.

23 Feb 2018

Students introduced to unique zero waste garment-making method

Pictured is a student who helped Julian Roberts demonstrate the deconstruction of a garment. A garment created using the fabric pictured above.

Multimedia Textile students were introduced to a unique zero waste garment-making method last week as part of a talk by a visiting lecturer.

Fashion designer and academic Julian Roberts, who has spoken at colleges and universities across the globe, educated students on ‘subtraction cutting’.

Julian has shown 12 womenswear collections during London Fashion Week under the pseudonym labels ‘nothing nothing’ and ‘JULIANAND’.

He creates ‘zero waste’ garments by embracing negative space and incorporating any cut out fabric shapes into the design or using them to make other garments.

Julian’s dynamic lecture at the University included a video and demonstration, samples of ‘The Tunnel Technique’ and the deconstruction of a garment whilst being worn by a model.

Technical tutor in Textiles Anne Acosta said: “I was more than delighted to Welcome Julian Roberts to Loughborough University and the feedback from students was really positive.

“I feel his work will inspire our students to think of garment making as something they could achieve, without the knowledge of conventional pattern cutting; encouraging more experimental work in this subject within the textiles programme.”

For more information on Julian’s work and to watch his garment deconstruction at Loughborough University, visit his website.