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A shot of the new Wavy Top Teaching Hub

23 Feb 2018

Positive student feedback on new exam venue

Student feedback about the use of Wavy Top as an exam venue for students who require adjustments has been overwhelmingly positive.

The University decided to use the newly refurbished building for the semester one exams, allowing 85% of the exams that would previously have taken place within Schools to be held in one central location. More than 390 students used Wavy Top in January.

There can be various adjustments that students might require: some may need extra time or rest breaks to take medication, for example, while others may need to use a computer. The University’s Counselling and Disability Service recommends the adjustments that individual students need.

The fact that the building was quiet and had separate areas for rest breaks were among the many positive comments from the students.

The students’ feedback will guide further enhancements for the semester two exams.

The Wavy Top project was part of a wider initiative, being led by the Change Team, to support and improve the experience of students with additional needs and ensure there is consistency with the adjustments being across the University.