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19 Dec 2018

It’s better off this Christmas

Last year, the University consumed over £114,000 worth of electricity in the 13 days it was closed over the Christmas holidays. This year, we are aiming to reduce this consumption by 5%, which will make a saving of £5,700.

As part of the Sustainability team’s It’s Better OFF campaign, here are some ways you can help us to achieve this before breaking up for Christmas:

  • Shut down your PC and unplug all laptops and docking stations
  • Switch off computer monitors
  • Switch off printers (please note MFD’s must remain on to prevent losing settings; however, these will power down on their own)
  • Switch off all lights (including any Christmas ones!)
  • Switch off all heaters, air con units and extractor fans
  • Turn off any research equipment that doesn’t need to be used over the break
  • Where possible, consolidate experiments into the minimal number of ovens, fume cupboards, fridges, etc.
  • Set any timers in your office/building to stay off for the duration of the break
  • Unplug any chargers, phones and transformers
  • Close all windows before leaving to maintain the temperature within the buildings and keep security to a maximum

Any equipment used for vital experiments and research must not be switched off.

It is also recommended you bring along a jumper for the first day back, as offices and buildings may be colder than usual following the switch off.

For more information, please contact Sustainability on The team will be refreshing the It’s Better OFF campaign in the new year with a new set of promotional materials to ensure continued awareness throughout the University.

Shut down, Switch Off, Do your bit