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Professor Robert Allison talking at the winter graduation ceremonies.

18 Dec 2018

Dedicated individuals awarded Loughborough University medals at winter graduation ceremonies

Two members of the Loughborough family had their hard work and dedication to the University acknowledged during yesterday’s graduation ceremonies.

Ann Styles and Kuldeep Sahnsi were both applauded during Monday’s celebrations as they became the latest recipients of Loughborough University Medals.

The medals are granted to those who have made a distinctive and long-running contribution to the University.

Ann Styles, who retired earlier this year, dedicated herself to providing the very best for Loughborough students for almost 30 years.

She has played a pivotal role in the Student Office, delivering services and dealing with significant change.

From new processes, systems, staff and locations, to huge student growth, team mergers, changes in student attitudes and new legislation, Ann consistently rose to the challenge and adjusted her ways of working accordingly. 

Lord Seb Coe, Ann Styles and Professor Robert Allison.

Chancellor of Loughborough University, Lord Sebastian Coe, Ann Styles and Loughborough University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Allison. 

One of the biggest changes during Ann’s time at Loughborough was the move of the Student Office into an outward facing service situated in the Rutland Building. This presented a dramatic change to the way in which the team worked, something which was fully embraced by Ann.

As Office Supervisor, Ann would be the first to notice when a staff member was experiencing difficulties, taking it upon herself to ensure they were always supported.

She also willingly gave her time to ensure seamless delivery of the team’s services and repeatedly demonstrated unwavering work ethic and commitment to the values and standards of the University.

Kuldeep Sahnsi, or Kip as he is known to those he works with across the University, joined the University in 1994 and contributed over 24 years of service before his well-earned retirement in February this year.

Working for the department of Computer Science, and more recently the School of Science, Kip’s services as Computer and Electronics Technician became indispensable to the department.

With his positive, flexible, can-do attitude to his work, Kip made a significant and consistent contribution to the smooth and successful operation of the department and School.

Chancellor of Loughborough University, Lord Sebastian Coe, Kuldeep Sahnsi, Loughborough University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Allison.

Chancellor of Loughborough University, Lord Sebastian Coe, Kuldeep Sahnsi, Loughborough University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Allison.

Academic colleagues could also trust Kip with challenging projects in support of their research, knowing that he would develop innovative solutions, or forge partnerships with other colleagues in order to do so.

He has built and maintained relationships and friendships with colleagues all over campus and, as a keen sportsman, Kip also participated in many of the sporting opportunities available to staff and was instrumental in using his skills to bring people together, organising regular sporting events that brought together colleagues from all parts of the University.

Loughborough University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Allison commented: “At Loughborough, our people are at the heart of everything we do. They’re one of our greatest assets and the key to our continuous success.

“Without the people that have been a part of our community past and present, Loughborough would not be the incredible institution it is today.

“I am proud to work alongside individuals like Kip and Ann and would like to thank them personally for their commitment and dedication over the years.”

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