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4 May 2018

Loughborough London’s first round of Community Donations Fund now open for applications

Loughborough London has now opened the bidding for the 2018 Open Fund, in line with Loughborough University’s Community Donations Fund scheme.

The ‘Open Fund’, which allocates a total of £5000, allows local community groups and organisations to apply for funding of up to £1000.

The deadline for bids is Thursday 31 May. Organisations applying for the fund must be non-political in nature and be situated within an eligible postcode, close to the Olympic Park. For more information on the eligible postcodes, please read the criteria available online.

Bids should include a short breakdown of how the fund will be used and should include a specific project.

The annual Loughborough Community Donations Fund programme has run since 2009 and has since supported a large number of community groups and voluntary projects. Successful bids have previously included funding for Youth and Support Groups, Soup Kitchens and aiding local schools.

For more information on the Open Fund, application criteria and to download the application form, please visit the Community Donations Fund website or email Jessica Metson at