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Pictured are Loughborough ploggers.

10 Apr 2018

First University plogging session is a success

Pictured is rubbish collected by the Loughborough ploggers.

Despite the gloomy weather, the first university ‘plogging’ session took place today (Tuesday 10 April) and four bags worth of rubbish have been removed from the streets of Loughborough.

Plogging – which means picking up litter while jogging – has become a popular pastime in Scandinavia and now, thanks to Dr Nicola Jennings, of the Department of Chemistry, it has been introduced on campus.

Dr Jennings has been running regular plogging sessions in her hometown, Stoke-on-Trent, since March after spotting the term on Twitter.

She wanted to bring the activity to Loughborough as she feels it is an “excellent way to re-connect with people, contribute to a safe and clean environment and improve overall health and well-being”.

Following today’s event, Dr Jennings said: "A big thank you to all those that braved today's weather to attend our first of many plogging sessions! We covered a distance of two miles, collected four bags of rubbish, cleaned up a local walkway and made new plogging friends.

“Our next event will be taking place in May when we will hopefully have better weather."