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21 Sep 2017

Stress control workshops

‘Stress control’ is a programme for both staff and students at Loughborough University who experience stress on a regular basis and would like to find out ways to manage this alongside other conditions such as anxiety and depression.

This increasingly popular programme is offered by the NHS and is taught both across the UK and internationally, and has been developed further by ongoing research throughout the years.

The course is taught over seven sessions, with each session lasting around 90 minutes. You may find that some of the sessions do not apply to you, in which case there is no obligation to attend every single one. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Controlling your body – teaching your body to respond to anxiety and learning how to relax
  • Cognitive therapy – teaching your mind and thoughts to control stress and finding ways to prevent stress
  • Controlling panic – learn coping techniques for panic attacks (even if you don’t suffer from these, the techniques may still be useful for you to alleviate stress)
  • Behavioural therapy – learning how to adopt new behaviours to reduce the symptoms typically experienced with depression and anxiety
  • Sleeping patterns and low mood – this will look at ways of getting better sleep as well as understanding why we experience low moods and what can be done to improve our wellbeing
  • Low self-esteem – this session covers what self-esteem is and how it can affect us, alongside a number of different methods to help manage low self-esteem.

It’s important to note Stress Control is not group therapy, and you will not be expected to contribute or discuss your personal problems in front of others. The programme allows you to go at your own pace as well, with resources such as handouts and relaxation CD’s provided to help you progress further.

If you are interested in booking onto the course, you can complete a self-referral form online or speak to someone on 0115 876 0157. The sessions take place at John Storer House in Loughborough so please state this as your preference of location when enquiring.