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7 Nov 2017

Are you ready for PDR 2017/18?

The PDR process for 2017/18 will shortly be getting underway.

Following an evaluation of the new PDR, introduced for the first time last year, some minor revisions to the process have been incorporated for this year. These are outlined below.


This year there will be just four ratings that reviewers can recommend – excellent, very good, good and requires improvement.  It is important that performance considered to be unsatisfactory is addressed throughout the year (using the capability and/or disciplinary procedures) rather than just through PDR.

New online system

Last year only academic members of staff were able to complete their PDRs online.  This year this system will be available for all staff in Schools and Professional Services to use.

Training and support

A number of new training opportunities are being introduced to support staff – both reviewers and reviewees.

The full programme includes:

New reviewer - initial training 

Any new reviewers will need to watch a PDR training video and attend a session with Staff Development on ‘Delivering Effective PDRs’. The session covers the PDR process, setting effective objectives and recommending a rating. This will be a skills based session with a range of practical activities and can be booked through my.HR.

Existing reviewers - refresher training

The PDR training video being used as part of the initial training is a useful ‘refresher’ resource for existing reviewers.

New training sessions are available on ‘Developing Effective PDR Objectives’. Bespoke sessions will be held for each School.  For Professional Services staff, these sessions will be held centrally and can be booked through my.HR.

Actor led (PDR Role Play) sessions, designed to give PDR reviewers an opportunity to practice their feedback skills with professional actors, are also available again this year, bookable through my.HR  

All staff training

A range of support is available to all staff. Reviewers and reviewees can attend a one hour ‘PDR Update Briefing’ session with Staff Development.  New for this year, this training covers the minor revisions to the process for 2017/18 and provides the opportunity to ask questions.  This training is available on a weekly basis and can be booked through my.HR.

PDR advice surgeries are also new for this year.  These sessions with Staff Development Advisers are suitable for both reviewers and reviewees.  They will provide an opportunity for staff to confidentially discuss any issues or concerns.

All information on the new PDR system is on the updated PDR website