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27 Mar 2017

Celebrating collaboration and partnership at Loughborough

The digital version of the Annual Review for 2015/16 has been launched and is now available to view online.

The review celebrates the collaborative culture at Loughborough and the strength of our partnerships, and shares some of the great things that have been achieved as a result.

It shows how everything that happens across the entire Loughborough network fits together to create something truly exceptional. It highlights that there are multiple teams, groups and individuals making these things happen; and although they may have their own objectives, what they do contributes to making Loughborough University one of the UK’s premier higher education institutions.

Following the success of last year’s report, the website has been built in a similar style, offering an exciting and engaging format that showcases a selection of achievements, success, developments and progress from the last academic year.

Please share the site with your own contacts to spread the word about the great things that are happening here at Loughborough.