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9 Jun 2017

Summer medical checklist for students

The University Medical Centre has issued the following notice to students ahead of the summer break.

If you have any queries, please contact them on or 01509 222061.

Travelling abroad?

  • If you are travelling over the summer holidays, book into one of our travel clinics for advice and vaccinations to ensure a safe trip away.
  • It is best to book your appointment at least 8 weeks before you are due to travel to ensure you receive your full course of treatment if required.
  • Please note, to book into one of our clinics you must be a fully registered patient at the Medical Centre.
  • If you try to book an appointment last minute, please be aware that due to high demand for these appointments during this term, we may not be able to guarantee you an appointment in time for your travel date.

Running out of medication?

  • We receive a high number of patients requesting medication during the last two weeks of term.
  • You may find that due to the high demand of appointments during this period, you are unable to get an appointment during these weeks and subsequently unable to get a repeat prescription of your medication.
  • If you think you will run out of medication during the summer holidays, please book in for a review with your GP as soon as possible. Do not risk waiting until the last minute!
  • If your prescription is on repeat and you are not due a review, you can just hand in a written request for your medication and the prescription should be ready to collect in 48hrs.
  • Urgent requests for medication may not be processed if you are due a review.

Are you eligible for the Men ACWY vaccine?

  • Students aged between 19-24yrs are strongly recommended to have a booster Men ACWY vaccination if you didn’t receive one in school and this is your first year at University.
  • If you fit into this criteria, please contact the Medical Centre to arrange an appointment with one of our nurses.