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28 Jun 2017

Students shortlisted in international design competition

Two Loughborough Design School finalists have been shortlisted for the 3D Hubs Student Grant -  an international competition that gives inventors, problem solvers and creative talents the opportunity to submit their 3D print ideas in engineering, product design and architecture categories.

3D Hubs, set up in 2013, provides accessibility to over one billion people by connecting 3D print services from around the world on one online platform. They aim to limit waste from overproduction and transport by providing consumers with products made on-demand and nearby.

A great example of an innovative and life-changing design is Abidur Chowdhury’s product ‘Aer’. The Industrial Design student is one of those shortlisted, with the product aiming to help people manage their asthma in a discreet and aesthetically pleasing way. Chowdhury also hopes to ultimately reduce stigma around the condition.

The product has an environmental sensing base to sense air quality, a reliever inhaler, a preventer inhaler and an extra-small inhaler for portable use. It is sleek, attractive and modern, with Bluetooth connectivity for users to track their inhaler usage.

Abidur’s design revolutionises how asthma fits into a person’s life, with gentle reminders, portability, and the opportunity for greater understanding of asthma and individual triggers.

The second shortlisted product is ‘Luna’, created by Oliver Perretta, also studying Industrial Design. The product aims to combat nurse fatigue and aid NHS workers suffering with tiredness and burnout, due to the increasing stresses on the NHS.

The device has the potential to save lives by helping prevent medical error from tiredness and drowsy driving in ambulance or paramedic staff. Perretta has re-designed the standard uniform pendant with a portable finger-tip electrocardiogram monitor.

The ECG monitor will help staff on-the-go, keeping an eye on their health and well-being. Luna’s dock helps promote better sleep quality, especially on long-shifts, which could drastically improve the quality of work on shift.

Both Aer and Luna are available to look at via 3DHubs, here.

The winner will  be announced on 10 July and  will receive $500, a pro-photoshoot, and an honourable mention on LinkedIn by Brian Garret, the co-founder of 3D Hubs.