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22 Jun 2017

Robots at the Movies – Free Event at Cope Auditorium 28 June

To celebrate UK Robotics Week, the University’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence presents ‘Robots at the Movies’, a talk on portrayal of robots and androids in contemporary media.

The event takes place on Wednesday 28 June at 6:00-7:30pm, at Cope Auditorium - and is completely free of charge!

Presented by Alan Seaman, film-expert and stand-up comedian, the evening will be an amusing, insightful and enjoyable look into the robots and androids of recent decades, and how they reflect and shape our fascination with these technologies.

From R2D2, Wall-E, Terminator and Transformers, robots have been “portrayed as our friends, adversaries, alien to almost human, invaders and enslavers or as our saviours and trusted companions”. A family friendly event, this presentation is suitable for anybody from technologists to film fanatics.

To reserve your place free of charge, please register here and bring a printed version of your ticket along to the event.

UK Robotics Week is running from the 25-30 of June, with nationwide events running every day in this week-long celebration of technology. Expanded from its very successful debut last year, the week provides events that are perfect for robotics enthusiasts, budding technologists and creative minds.

Its events include museum exhibitions, talks and exciting challenges for children. Alongside this, the week is full of engaging challenges that have the potential to help create new solutions for real life issues, such as Disaster Relief and Social Care.

For more information on other UK Robotic Week events, you can visit the website or follow @UKRobotics on twitter.