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A man runs while his temperature is checked

30 Jun 2017

Participants required for new research study

Participants are currently needed for a new research study at Loughborough’s Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre.

The study is part of a European Union funded project, investigating the effect of industrial fan use on work productivity in a wide variety of hot environmental conditions.

Men between 18-40 years are eligible to take part. Volunteers cannot have muscular or skeletal injury and must be recreationally active, exercising at least three times a week.

Those taking part will be required to attend seven sessions, for about 1.5-2 hours each time. One session will be a sub-maximal fitness test. The other sessions will involve walking at moderate intensity for one hour in varying environmental conditions, with and without fan use.

Participants will be monitored for physiological and perceptual responses throughout.

Those taking part will be reimbursed expenses incurred. Results from the sub-maximal test will also be provided, giving an accurate indication of your current fitness level.

Anyone interested in applying for this study, please contact Josh Foster.