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Demonstration of the 'Taihi' compost bin

15 Jun 2017

Inventive finalists present work at the Design Degree Show 2017

Osmos water filter The Osmos water filter

The Degree Show is an annual exhibition showcasing finalists’ work, running for five days in June of each year.

It is a fantastic opportunity for potential employers, friends, family, industry and members of the public to see the projects produced by finalists and speak to them about their products and experience.

Aiming to solve a wide range of problems, the innovative designs on display include Ben Cullis-Watson’s ‘Taihi’ – a compost bin designed especially for use in the home.

It uses a traditional Japanese method of composting called ‘Bokashi’ that decomposes waste quickly with little mess or smell.

‘Osmos’ by Laurence Hills is a device that enables families to produce clean, safe drinking water from salt water in times of natural disaster. The device works using a pump action to move the water through a series of chambers and filters.

A number of exhibiting students have received prestigious awards and gained valuable industry experience.

Blake Parkinson, who won an Arkwright Scholarship, created ‘Lux’, an in-car air purifier that monitors and cleans air inside the vehicle, after discovering that pollution levels inside a vehicle can be 15 times higher than outside.

Gabi Mitchem-Evans designed ‘Omi’, a baby monitoring device that provides parents with the reassurance of their baby’s wellbeing at home.

It enables unobtrusive monitoring of the baby’s breathing and temperature as well as providing light and sound, mimicking the busy environment experienced whilst under hospital care.

She received the James Dyson Foundation Bursary during her studies as well as undertaking a placement with international beverage brand Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

During his internship with Cambridge Consultants, Abidur Chowdhury worked on the ‘Plug & Play Wearable Injector’ which picked up the 2016 Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Professor George Havenith, Dean of the Loughborough Design School commented: “This year’s show presents a dynamic display of the ideas, concepts and creations our undergraduate students have developed over this last year.

“It showcases their robust education in the areas of design, ergonomics and human factors and the industry-ready skillset that they have developed with us during their time here.

“We are extremely proud of their achievements and would encourage everyone to visit the show to see the inspiring projects for themselves.”

The show is produced and publicised by a team of final year student volunteers, working with members of staff, to organise an event which they feel reflects their experience and how they want to promote their products.

It will be accompanied by a book which highlights each student’s work through photographs, CAD (computer-aided design) renders and text.

The degree show is open to the public from 16 –19 June, from 10am – 4pm daily at the Loughborough Design School

A special business event is happening on 20 June, if you require tickets, please email

Following the degree show, emerging Loughborough designers will exhibit at New Designers in London – an annual exhibition of new and innovative design thinking.