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A group of female construction engineers

12 Jul 2017

Loughborough academic shines a light on women in construction

Jacqui Glass, Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Construction in the School of Civil and Building Engineering is calling for the construction industry to create a better working life for women working in construction.

Professor Glass is featured in this month’s Construction Manager Magazine.

In the article she discusses her three step approach to creating a better working life for women in the industry. She talks about the need to address the personal needs of women on-site, unconscious bias in the industry and the need to showcase opportunities to women, especially new female graduates and women who wish to return to work after maternity leave.

Eight Loughborough alumnae from the School of the Civil and Building Engineering are also featured in the magazine.

The alumnae met with Professor Glass at the Loughborough University London campus to take part in discussions as a case study for the magazine, to highlight the range of issues that are faced by women in construction.

The graduates, who between them have 40 years’ experience in industry share their personal opinions and experiences and discuss the issues that they face on a day-to-day basis and their ambitions.

The eight alumnae were Architectural Engineering and Design Management alumnae Claire Hull (2006), Becky Ukleja (2015), Mirna Ayoubi (2013) and Sahar Saad (2016). Also at the London campus meet were Civil Engineering alumnae Louise Betts (2014), Olivia Perkins (2010) and Pooja Godhania (2014). Maria Spyrou, 2015 Doctor of Engineering, was also there to meet with the Construction Manager magazine team.

The six-page feature explores themes such as the gender pay-gap and the lower numbers of women in the construction workforce. The alumnae also consider the attitudes to women on and off-site and the future for women in the industry.

The article highlights the need for action to break the stereotype that construction is a man’s industry and to encourage more female professionals into senior roles. It also  examines the similarities and differences in experiences of the women who work in different fields within the industry.

The July/August edition of Construction Manager is now available to purchase. Find out more online.

Photo courtesy of Construction Manager